Normal is the norm on Old Time Farm ... old-fashioned Heritage chickens run around and act like chickens, old-fashioned Heritage cattle naturally fatten on grass, and old-fashioned Heritage turkeys reproduce on farm without assistance.

Delicious & Distinctive Slow Foods

Modern industrial agriculture is focused on fast production of the maximum amount of "protein" with the least inputs no matter the cost to animal welfare, nutrient density or flavor. Fast growth and early harvest does not allow full flavor to develop.

The Old-fashioned slow-growing Heritage breeds raised on Old Time Farm provide the delicious distinctive flavors traditionally found on the tables of our ancestors while allowing for superior animal welfare and true local production.  

The American Milking Devon Cattle we raise are listed on the Slow Foods "Ark of Taste" as endangered slow foods worthy of conservation. 

Preserving Rare & Endangered Heritage Breeds

Modern industrial genetics are controlled by a handful of companies worldwide where they are guarded as proprietary corporate assets.  We reproduce Heritage breeds on Old Time Farm without corporate interference while preserving the genetic diversity their unique traits offer. Each generation is chosen to be beneficial to the breeds they represent and the remainder are harvested for the table.

Every purchase helps our conservation efforts for these rare breeds, helps to bring them back to the quality of yesteryear, and helps bring the classic flavors and textures of these amazing "slow foods" to your plate and palate. ​


Modern industrial turkeys can no longer physically mate and broiler chickens are unlikely to live long enough to reproduce.

Reproducing livestock and poultry on farm is key for regional sustainability and local food security.  Unlike specialized industrial farms where cattle and chicks are born/hatched on a different farm than they are raised on and are unlikely to  reproduce, our natural mating poultry and cattle are raised from hatch/birth to harvest on our farm, just like old time farms used to do.

Animal Welfare

Humane treatment and appropriate nutrition is a critical part of the stewardship commitment we made to our livestock and poultry. ​ ​

Old Time cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished on pasture with water, salt, minerals and shade available at all times. The cattle are fed hay in winter. Our poultry free-range on pasture and are supplemented with a nutrient dense, custom feed milled and mixed on our farm using local non-GMO grains. 

We farm using holistic, regenerative & natural methods but use science to tell us how to nourish the soil to nourish the plants to nourish the animals that nourish the next generation and nourish us.

Please shop now to contribute to our conservation efforts.

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Humanely pasture-raised from birth to harvest on Old Time Farm. No added hormones, antibiotics or fillers.

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