Egg-spectations: are Eggs Seasonal?
Today, we expect eggs to be available on grocery store shelves year round and expect hens to be egg laying machines who produce almost an egg a day throughout the year. But ... Is that "normal" for Heritage hens? 
Hey Peeps, Let's Talk 2024 and Beef!
Here's the 2024 scoop: no chicks, chicken or turkey this year & limited eggs BUT, I'm about to unleash a whole arsenal of beef-y resources so you can get comfy about beef.
How is Inflation Impacting Old Time Farm?
Inflation has been a major topic in the news and the pain has been felt at the gas pumps. Unfortunately, our farm has not been immune to rising costs.
Farms reselling other farmers products - good or bad?
Is each farmer coming to market an efficient use of the farmer's precious time and money or good stewardship of the market-buyer's investment in small farms and local food? 
Did you know that most farms don't provide a living wage for their farmers?
Our environment and the future of local food depend on our food choices now - we are at red alert in a 911 situation right now with local food.
What's the true value of local food?
Do you really want all of your food options to be controlled by a handful corporate or foreign-owned businesses? I don't.
This is my "Why" - what's yours?
I want to do everything I can to make sure that local farms & local food exist in the future to come to our rescue when we need them - again. Do you?
Heritage Turkey Eggs at market
30-40% of our food supply is wasted and much is due to people discarding "good" food based on "expiration" dates rather than food quality.  Are you throwing out "good" eggs?  
9/11 - al‐Qaeda was targeting agriculture and food too
Did you know al-Quaeda was planning to go after agriculture and food as well as the twin towers?
Eat Better & Save Money with Meal Planning
"In the US, an average person wastes 238 pounds of food per year (21 percent of the food they buy), costing them $1,800 per year."  
Why I prefer credit cards to cash - especially now.
Credit card fees for businesses are around 3% when you use services like Square, Shopify, Quickbooks, or Paypal. It sounds really expensive, right?  Maybe, but maybe not ...
Why local food REALLY matters
The consumer has the power to shape change happening in our food systems right now.  NOW is the time to talk about the future of food systems and use the power of our purchases to make a change.