Free Range Chicken Eggs - Dozen


Experience the delicious, nutrient-rich taste of our Free Range Chicken Eggs! Our endangered Partridge Chantecler hens have been hatched and raised with care on Old Time Farm since 2013, living free range with access to pasture, and fed a nutrient-dense custom feed formulated for reproductive health. Get the freshest eggs of the season in spring, hand-gathered and small-batch, with no antibiotics or hormones. Deliciousness and nutrition, the way nature intended!

Turkey Eggs are an alternative if chicken eggs are sold out.

Customer Reviews

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pat wildt
Great eggs!

I love your eggs! They are so superior to other organic eggs I have purchased in size, flavor and color.

Kim Taylor
The Best Eggs

I always try to buy some of these eggs during the peak season. They are the best tasting eggs I’ve ever had. Other farm-fresh eggs are fine, but these eggs actually taste somewhat buttery, without even adding butter to them! Love the deep color of the yolks. You’d be hard pressed to find tastier eggs. They are great for making egg salad, however my preferred way is to eat them scrambled.

Thank you so much, Kim! I am so glad you enjoy them!

Chicken Eggs

I thoroughly enjoy the freshness of the eggs. They taste 100% better than a store bought eggs!

Thank you! Agreed!

J Mantha
Free Range Hen Eggs

We love these eggs because they are locally produced And flavorful!

Thank you! They are - especially in the spring when they are 'in-season'!