This is my "Why" - what's yours?

June 07, 2021

This is my

You know how grocery shelves emptied of food during the pandemic?
I want to do everything I can to make sure that local farms & local food exist in the future to come to our rescue when we need them - again. 

You see, small local farms, local animal & seed genetics, food production skills, food processing capacity & cooking skills are all in danger of going extinct.

Choices made in the past impact us now. Our choices now create change for the future. That is some incredible power when you think about it.

Every time we buy something, we make a choice to spend dollars to support (or not support) something. 

Intentional or not, we make a choice with those dollars and the "big boys" try to give us what we want - that is some incredible power when you consider it.  

For me, I want to support food I feel good about eating.  I want home-made goodness with deep meaning, purposefully raised by people I know, along with the lost flavors of slow-grown heirloom foods from yesteryear.  I want real, authentic food with all of its variation and imperfections that makes me think about each bite, but is still simple to prepare and needs little embellishment.

Raising mass quantities of food to "feed the world" was never my goal.  Conserving endangered breeds of poultry and livestock enjoying those amazing flavors of yesteryear on our plate and sharing it was others was important.

Grass-fed, pasture-raised or non-GMO was also never the primary goal - these were choices made for our table with intent after considerable research into the science & history - conservation came first.

Simply, I choose change to bring back what we lost - do you?

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