Steak Salad (Sliced Sirloin)

Steak Salad is a quick & cool meal that I use frequently in my summer meal plans.

I use sliced sirloin (thin sliced like lunch meat) but you can use leftover strip, ribeye, flank, or skirt as well.


1 lb thawed sliced sirloin 
1 tbsp of butter
Salt & Pepper to taste
Salad mix
Cut up Veggies to add to salad (tomato, onion, peppers, zucchini, kohlrabi, radish, etc) - optional
Salad dressing of choice


  1. Prep salad mix & veggies into a bowl
  2. Heat skillet over medium heat and add butter.
  3. Add sliced sirloin (I like to do each slice separately but you can add it all and separate it in the pan) and sprinkle with salt & pepper
  4. When the liquid starts to come up on the sliced sirloin and the color starts to lighten, flip over and cook for another minute or so
  5. Remove to cutting board and slice into bite size pieces.
  6. Add cut up meat to veggies & add dressing.

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