Hey Peeps, Let's Talk 2024 and Beef!

Hey Peeps, Let's Talk 2024 and Beef!

Okay, 2024 really?!

Time sure flies when you're busy raising & sharing farm-fresh goodness. But truth be told, I'm not one for those January-panic resolutions. I sprinkle my magic like a garden: set intentions, weed to make space, nurture 'em throughout the year, and watch 'em blossom.

But sometimes, even the best gardens need a little weeding. Many of you know that my brother's illness in Florida took center stage last spring so my feathered flock took a back seat. No hatching, no cute little chicks, just the egg-stingy, gluttonous, old-fashioned hens sucking down feed (money) & clucking along with some eggs I could share but never sell as table eggs for what they cost me to produce.

Truth be told, without all the chick(en) chaos, I found something amazing: freedom! I had more time to focus on sharing the secrets of local food and the delicious, grass-fed beef I raise with you & ... I liked it.

So, here's the 2024 scoop: no chicks, chicken or turkey this year.

The old Chantie & Turkey girlz are retiring to pasture-paradise (no stewing, they earned their rest!), so I'll have limited eggs to share (older birds lay less eggs), and I'm doubling down on sharing the delicious delights of farm-fresh Old Time grass-fed beef, local food, and why you should feed good about eating both.

Need your heritage poultry fix? No worries. One of my mentors, Frank Reese, has got you covered at Heritage Foods. My turkey genetics came from him and his heritage poultry is the real deal, so I'm happy to point you in his direction.

Now, buckle up, coz I'm about to unleash a whole arsenal of beef-y and farm-y resources to help you grow your savvy and turn Old Time grass-fed beef into simple but delicious meals you feel good about eating and are confident to share at your table!

Remember, friends, it's all about nurturing what sparks joy and letting go of the rest. Let's make 2024 the year of delicious discoveries and savoring every bite!

Cheers to the best peeps in the Burgh, yummy good-for-you beef, and all the good vibes!

The Farm-her 🙋‍♀️ at Old Time Farm

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