Heritage Chicken - Young - sold out til 2024


Sold out until August 2024

Heritage breed Partridge Chantecler Chickens are the idyllic "Slow-Growing" old-fashioned chickens like Julia Child cooked with and were found before the industrialization of poultry in the 1950's. 

Heritage chicken has more flavor and texture to the meat because the birds are a minimum of 14-16 weeks of age at harvest (vs 35 days for industrial birds) and they run around and do chicken-y things while modern industrial chickens are more likely to sit by the feeder and wait for it to be filled. 

Roast like a turkey, cook in a crockpot, smoke, or slow cook on a grill.

  • Pasture-Raised (raised on grass) free-range from hatch to harvest on Old Time Farm and supplemented with local non-GMO grains.
  • Frozen whole chicken with the neck on - no giblets (3-5 lb)

Your Purchase Helps Conserve Biodiversity

Old Time Farm is dedicated to preserving old-fashioned slow-growing heritage breed American Milking Devon cattle, Partridge Chantecler chickens, and Standard Bronze turkeys along with the native plant & animal species found on the farm.

Your purchase supports Old Time Farm's conservation efforts while bringing a true "Taste of History" to your table.



High quality grass, hay, & minerals naturally fatten healthy Old Time cattle - no grain needed.


For maximum freshness, meat is vacuum-packaged and frozen right after cutting by the butcher.

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