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Local raw milk farmstead cheese made by Pasture Maid Creamery with the milk from their cows in New Castle PA. 

Aged over 60 days.
No synthetic hormones or antibiotics.
No pesticides 
Cows are fed 90-95% grass and hay, and 5-10% non-GMO grain grown on-farm. 
8 oz

  • Frew Mill Fire -Beautiful Colby style pepper cheese. Great melter for mac & cheese, grilled cheese, frittata/strata/quiche/omelet or a healthy snack.
  • Homesteader – Farmer's cheese is a simple, soft mild cheese, similar to mozzarella. Great for pizza, lasagna, cheesy bread or a healthy snack
  • Kiss of Kerry – Firm Colby style. Great burger cheese and excellent snack.
  • Meadow Delight - Colby is made with cheddar cultures but not aged as long so it has a bite but not as much as aged sharp cheddar. Great for mac & cheese, grilled cheese, any recipe calling for a Colby cheese or a healthy snack.

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