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100% Pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup is available in the various grades (flavor intensity) and special infusions from Philson's Bushel & A Peck Farm in Mercer, PA, unlike grocery syrup where grades are blended.

Maple syrup flavor and color naturally intensify as the sap season progresses with a light vanilla-like flavor early in the season and a dark, intense maple flavor toward the end of the season.

Syrup grades are based on color and names in the grading system was recently standardized, changing the name of the hard to find Grade B syrup to "Grade A Very Dark". Here is an explanation of the grades:

Grade A Golden Color:  Delicate taste.  Formerly Grade A Light Amber or No. 1 Extra Light. As tradition goes, this is the first few runs of syrup at the beginning of the season, however with modern technology, we can produce this grade of syrup throughout most of the season. It has a fine pronounced sweetness with a delicate maple flavor. This syrup is desirable for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and as an ice cream topping if a delicate maple flavor is desired. 

Grade A Amber Color:  Rich taste.  Formerly Grade A Medium Amber or No. 1 Light/Medium.  This syrup is by far the most popular choice for all purpose syrup. This grade has a rich full bodied taste that makes it the perfect compliment to most foods.  It is the gift of choice by many.  This grade used to be referred to as medium amber.

Grade A Dark Color:  Robust taste.  Formerly Grade A Dark Amber or No. 2 Amber.  It is less desirable as a table syrup but often preferred in baking and cooking because of its strong flavor.  This syrup is great to pour over baked apples or squash or use as a glaze on meats and vegetables.  Similar to a traditional dark amber colored syrup.  

Grade A Very Dark Color:  Very strong taste.  Formerly Grade B.  This is the darkest, most flavorful syrup available to consumers. 

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