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* Expect delivery in 1-2 weeks - I can't store them or take orders for later
** Frozen unless special arrangements made - put in notes if you want fresh

These heritage turkeys are over 15 months old at harvest - you cannot find this experience in the store!  (the young birds we offer for the holidays will be available soon for pre-order)

Like the old-time turkey growers who preferred a mature tom for the table over a young bird (under 8 months at harvest), we prefer these more mature birds and have eaten them at our table for years - while you eat the young birds. 

Roasting or smoking these older birds because the fat under the skin (especially toms) keeps the breast meat exceptionally moist, my schmaltz renders as they roast, plus the thigh meat has off the charts incredible flavor.  

Older at harvest means:

  1. Extra moist breast meat from lots of fat under the skin.
  2. The thighs will have more texture than a younger bird and a deep, delicious beef-like flavor
  3. The skin is thicker - a sad thing for skin-snackers. 
  4. The legs have more "bones" (hardened tendons) & texture in the leg meat but they are amazing for soup or slow cooking after roasting.

Toms size is 19-25 lb
Hens size is 10-16 lb

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