Local Cow Cheese

Middlefield Co-op


Local cheese made right over the border near Ravenna, Ohio. 
Our Amish neighbors ship milk to this co-op. 
8 oz packages

  • Gouda - mild cheese. One of the most versatile and popular cheeses in the world.  Pair with beer or wine, snack on crackers, or melt on grilled cheese or burgers.  
  • Smoked Gouda - a more earthy version of the versatile, mild Gouda cheese.  Snack on crackers, melt on grilled cheese or burgers.
  • Swiss - the classic sandwich or snacking cheese.  Add to burgers, put some pizazz on your grilled cheese, or simply enjoy it as a snack.
  • Parmesan - the classic pasta cheese.  Grate your own cheese for the fresh flavor and add to pasta, soup, or salads.
  • Asiago - mild, sweet & nutty.  Grate onto pasta, in a salad, slice for on burgers, or simply snack on it.
  • Mozzarella - Pizza, cut up in a salad, or just snack on it.
  • Provolone Pizza, sammies, cut up in a salad, or just snack on it.
  • Curds - Buttery + squeaky = perfect curds for poutine, salads, or snacking! (limited availability)

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