Comfort Box - Grass-Finished (Higher Fat)

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This distinctive, limited-edition beef is from older cows who are harvested to make room for younger cows.  They have a higher level of fat and marbling.

Since these cows were not born on our farm, we have to call them "grass-finished" rather than "grass-fed" but they have eaten the same grass, hay, and minerals as our "grass-fed" cattle for the 7+ years they have lived on our farm.

Each box has a variety of the basic cuts of beef you get from each cow totaling about 18-20 pounds of beef

10 - 1-lb Ground Beef Packages
2 - Bone-in Chuck Roast (silky slow-cooker fav)
1 - Brisket (slow-cooker fav)
1 - Beef (Stew) Cube Package

Dry-aged, USDA processed at a local family butcher shop, vacuum packaged & frozen.

20 pounds of beef is about the size of a boot box and would fill a 20-quart cooler or 1/2 cubic foot of freezer space.

PS ... when they are gone, they are gone!

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