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Who We Are

Our Mission

To conserve and promote America's culturally diverse but endangered livestock and poultry breeds for future generations through education, sustainable breeding, and conservancy.

Old Time Farm Heritage Breeds:

Our Story

Old Time Farm emerged from various life experiences ... growing up on a small family farm, breeding and showing dogs and horses, working in hospitals, researching nutritional & holistic treatments for friends and family members, and owning successful businesses. 

Like many of you out there, we found ourselves...

  • noticing the increase in cancer rates, allergies, gut issues, and diabetes in our friends and family while watching our foods stray from traditional cooking methods and sources.
  • wondering where our food came from, what it was fed, how it was treated and how that impacts to our health 
  • discovering that excessive industrial production depletes the bodies and shortens the lives of animals, depletes the micro-nutrients and life in soils and the nutrients in our foods decline.
  • realizing that nutrient density has little importance to industrial agriculture which focuses on cheap production of large quantities of food ​ 
  • concerned that animals genetically selected for maximum production cannot live a normal life and industrial turkeys can no longer mate naturally which both impact our local food security.
  • shocked to find a mere handful of corporations in the entire world own the modern parent stock or “genetics” for specialized industrial food production animals.
  • questioning the sustainability of centralized industrial livestock genetics being the main source for local farms and the ramifications this had on our local food security.
We decided to be part of the solution by putting our 113 acre farm and life experiences to work and looked to "Old Time" agriculture for the answers.