Chicken Wings

Solid Rock Farm, Leetonia, Ohio

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Per package - packages weigh 1.95-2.61 lb

Pasture-raised fast-growing chicken fed non-GMO feed from our friends at Solid Rock Farm in Ohio (our chick and poultry feed has been sourced from them for years)

USDA processed & vacuum packaged.

"Solid Rock Farm LLC is a small family farm located in Leetonia, Ohio. We grow certified organic crops and produce 100% grass-fed beef, pastured Berkshire pork, pastured broiler chicken, as well as eggs from true free-range hens. We strive to raise all animals in a manner as close as possible to the purpose for which God designed them. Our poultry and pork are fed Non-GMO to transitional organic grains with organic supplements (vitamins, minerals, and probiotics) manufactured by As Created Feeds LLC; also operated on location."