Chicken, Turkey & Eggs - Pasture-raised

Order slow-growing, pasture-raised, free-range Heritage chicken, turkey and hand-gathered eggs from Old Time Farm. 

Heritage breed Partridge Chantecler Chickens and Standard Bronze Turkeys are the "Slow-Growing" old-fashioned type of poultry Julia Child cooked with and was found before the industrialization of poultry in the 1950's. 

Heritage chickens are a minimum of 14-16 weeks of age at harvest and are able to live a long productive life unlike modern industrial chickens who are harvested around 35 days of age and are seldom are able to live past the age of 8 weeks.  

Heritage turkeys are a minimum of 6 months to harvest and are able to breed naturally unlike industrial turkeys who must be artificially inseminated to reproduce, are only 14-16 weeks to harvest and are unlikely to live past 1 year of age.

Pasture-Raised (raised on grass) free-range from hatch to harvest on Old Time Farm and supplemented with local non-GMO grains.

Local pickup and home delivery to Pittsburgh area.

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