Standard Bronze Heritage Turkey Poults

Old Time Farm

Pre-order Standard Bronze Turkey poults for 2020.

$15 each for day olds - price increases with age.  These birds descend from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch (Frank Reese's) flock.

This item is for LOCAL SALES ONLY.  


  • Poults are sold straight run only - you will receive males & females.
  • Old Time poultry have been selectively bred to breed standard for many generations but unwanted or undesirable characteristics may show up. We still have a lot of work to do!
  • We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.

Learn more about our Standard Bronze Heritage Turkeys

Old Time Standard Bronze Turkeys are selectively bred for breed characteristics, according to the American Poultry Association (APA) Standard of Perfection. 

Our heritage turkeys take 6 1/2 to 7 months to reach market weight and can fly.  Turkey eggs take 28 days vs the 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch.  Properly fed, hens dress at 12-16 lb and toms at 18-24 lb and can naturally reproduce.

Our Standard Bronze flock is certified by the American Poultry Association and is also Certified Heritage.

The foundation for our breeding plan is health, vigor and good temperament - only healthy/vigorous birds are in our flock and there is no room on our farm for unpleasant birds. We select for structural soundness and production characteristics primarily using the Livestock Conservancy Heritage Turkey Manual as a guide, then use the APA Standard of Perfection along with guidance from our mentors and the writings found in our extensive library of books and articles for the breed specific and finer points of selection.

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